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Code of conduct

The Legislation, Registration and Standards Committee have developed the following code of conduct for WCO members.

It is your duty as an optometrist:

  • To keep your patients' eye, vision and general health your first priority.
  • To respect the rights and dignity of patients regarding their health care decisions.
  • To advise your patients whenever consultation with, or referral to, another optometrists or other health professional is appropriate.
  • To ensure confidentiality and privacy of patients' health and other personal information.
  • To strive to ensure that all people have access to eye and vision care.
  • To maintain and advance your professional knowledge and skills.
  • To maintain your practice in accordance with professional health care standards.
  • To promote ethical and cordial relationships with all members of the health care community.
  • To maintain the dignity, honour and integrity of the optometric profession.