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Public Health Committee

This committee work with other organisations in support of VISION 2020: The Right to Sight.

VISION 2020 Roadmap Working Group

This working group are developing the public health toolkit for VISION 2020 programmes. The roadmap identifies key priorities, leverage points, gaps and constraints, technical considerations and operational strategies for the improvement of eye and vision care. 

Refractive Error Study in Children Working Group and Project Team

Strives to assess the feasibility of conducting a major study that estimates the prevalence of vision impairment and associated refractive error and the use of corrective spectacles in school children.

Prof Sandra Block

Vice Chairman

Dr W Howard McAlister

Africa representative
Mr Anguyo Dralega

Asia Pacific representative

Eastern Mediterranean representative
Mr Hasan Minto

Europe representative
Mr Paul Folkesson

Latin America representative
Mr Alvaro Alcala Perez

North America representative
Dr Jeffrey Weaver

Individual members
Dr Imran Khan
Mrs Prema Chande
Prof Janet Leasher