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Strategic plan

Our strategic plan reflects the priorities for WCO that were identified by our members at the 2011 General Delegates' Meeting in Puerto Rico.

The plan sets out the future direction of WCO and identifies five strategic themes that we will work towards over the coming years.

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  Strategic Plan

Strategic Themes 2012-2014

Theme 1
To ensure that the way WCO interacts with interested parties leads to increased membership and maximises the effectiveness of the organisation for the benefit of the public and the profession.

Theme 2
To maintain a WCO global competencies framework to encourage the most appropriate patient care.

Theme 3
To organise WCO events that will be relevant to, and advance optometry’s role in healthcare worldwide.

Theme 4
To ensure that WCO communicates effectively with all stakeholders.

Theme 5
To ensure that the governance structure of WCO facilitates the
management of its resources in the most effective way.